Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall 2011 Risk Assessments

Greetings from AdvisorAssist!

Annually the Chief Compliance Officer of your RIA is required to test and update your compliance program to ensure it remains effective in preventing and detecting violations of the securities laws. To assist you with this process, we encourage you to complete the risk assessment questionnaires that we provide.

The questionnaires are organized by topic area to allow you to align them with business practices and policies for your firm. These questionnaires are accessible under the Compliance Testing section of your Advisor Portal. You can also access these directly at:

We encourage you to begin with any topic areas that are of concern to you. Completing the questionnaires should help you evaluate your current process and highlight any deficiencies, risks or questions in your processes or recordkeeping. You can download the questionnaires, complete them and save them along with your compliance files. Some of the policy areas and the questions contained in the questionnaires may be non-applicable to your business. This is okay, you can simply note that it does not apply. If you have questions as to whether something applies to your business, please schedule a time with us to review.

Wondering where to start?
We suggest starting with your Client Agreements, Business Continuity Plan, Personal Securities Trading, and Regulatory Filings - Form ADV. Regulators focus considerable time reviewing your Form ADV and Client Agreements for consistency and accuracy. Another key area is how you maintain books and records, including email, files and support for advertising and trading. These rank as the most common deficiencies in regulatory exams.

If you have any questions relating to these other aspects of your compliance program, please email us at or give us a call at 617-800-0388.

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