Thursday, January 31, 2013

Check out your 2013 Compliance Calendar

Under the Calendar tab in your portal, you will see your 2013 Compliance Calendar. This resource lays out the most important compliance activities that will come up during the course of the year. To use the calendar, you may either view it through your portal or download it via the XML, iCal or HTML buttons at the right of the page.
For Outlook users, here is a link that shows you how to download into your Outlook calendar.
For users of other calendaring tools, please consult the Help section of your software by searching for topics like "Upload external calendar" or "Upload XML or iCal calendar."
This year we have categorized the items on the calendar under the following topics:
Regulatory Deadlines ("DEADLINE"): Regulatory deadlines that advisors must meet if the specific activity applies to their firm. (Some dates may be subject to change.)
Compliance Tasks ("TASKS"): Periodic compliance tasks that are required activities and/or industry best practices.
Compliance Testing ("TESTING"): Topic-based compliance testing procedures to ensure that your compliance program is accurate and effective. Periodic review of your compliance program is a regulatory requirement. These reminders align with the risk assessment tools found on the Compliance Testing page of your portal.
FINRA/IARD Events ("FINRA"): Announced dates from FINRA that may require action on your behalf or may impact your ability to access your public filings on their IARD/CRD systems. (Dates may be subject to change.)
Reminders ("REMINDERS"): Calender entries to remind you of certain upcoming deadlines.
We hope that you find this calendar useful as you move through a year in the life of compliance for your firm. If you have any questions about this or any other section of your portal, please let us know by submitting support request under your Compliance Activities tab. We'll be sure to get back to you with assistance.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Advisor Portal Updates This Weekend

This weekend we will be making a number of updates and enhancements to your Advisor Portal. When we are doing so, these updates will generate alerts that will be sent to your email inbox.

Please ignore these since there is no action to be taken on your behalf.

If you do not receive these alerts, this most likely means that you have not yet "Subscribed to Site Changes." If this is the case, please do so (Monday would be best!) by:

1)  Accessing your Advisor Portal

2) Clicking the "MORE" button at the top right of your portal

3) Selecting "Subscribe to site changes" (as opposed to "page changes")

This will alert you when AdvisorAssist uploads new documents or add any comments to your portal going forward.

Apologies for any inconveniences this may cause.  Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Annual Entitlement Certification Begins Jan. 14, 2013

Attention Advisors!

You should have received an email today from FINRA for the Annual FINRA Entitlement User Accounts Certification.

The purpose of this email is to ensure that each firm has accurate information for the IARD and CRD systems. The process is quick and simple (if you have your account access handy). The SAA ("Super Account Administrator") for your firm must log into your FINRA account at

Once you login, you will see this screen below. Click the link

Then follow the prompts. If your user information is correct, scroll to the certification (example below) and complete the form.

If you have trouble logging into your account or need to make changes to Administrators, give us a call at 617-800-0388 or email

Below is the text of the FINRA Communication

As you may be aware, one of your responsibilities as your firm's Super Account Administrator (SAA) is to complete the annual FINRA Entitlement User Accounts Certification Process. This certification process—which for 2013 begins Jan. 14 and ends Feb. 13—requires a review of your firm's user accounts and appropriate action to ensure that, on your organization's behalf:

  • each user has a continuing need to access application(s) provided by FINRA;
  • users have only the application privileges they need to perform current job responsibilities; and/
  • only users who require access to sensitive data (e.g., criminal history record information, Social Security or tax identification numbers, dates of birth) have access to this type of data.

If you would like to expedite the process and begin reviewing your firm's individual user accounts prior to Jan. 14, you can do so at any time using the (Account Management Application) (refer to FINRA's certification process at page for more information).

Please Note: While you can conduct your review prior to Jan. 14, you will not be able to access the User Account Certification link to complete your firm's certification until you receive an email on Jan. 14 announcing that the certification period has begun. If you have additional questions, please review the Entitlement User Accounts Certification Process Quick Reference Guide and the FINRA Entitlement Program Frequently Asked Questions, or contact the FINRA Call Center:

  • Broker-Dealer Firms – (301) 869-6699
  • Investment Adviser Firms – (240) 386-4848

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Massachusetts: Investment Advisory Contracts Survey

Attention: Massachusetts State-Registered RIAs

The Massachusetts Security Division issued a survey regarding the content of your investment advisory agreements on January 2, 2013. The due date for the survey is Friday, January 18, 2013. Here's a copy of the survey --

The Securities Division requests that the completed survey by mailed to their office or emailed to We suggest email so you have a copy with your stored records.

While this survey is not mandatory, AdvisorAssist does suggest that you complete this survey.

Please post a copy of the complete draft survey to your Advisor Portal or email to If you have any questions, please indicate on the posting or email.

Thank you.

The AdvisorAssist Team

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

ADV Amendment Time!

Happy New Year

As we start into 2013, one of the first tasks is to review, file an amendment and distribute your ADV2 ("Disclosure Brochure") to Clients.

AdvisorAssist distributed its annual questionnaire via email on Wednesday, January 2, 2013.

If you did not receive an email or have questions, please email us at

Thank you.

The AdvisorAssist Team