Thursday, May 26, 2016

Updates to the FINRA E-Bill Page

Effective June 18, 2016, Web CRD/IARD Accounting pages will no longer be available and the users will be redirected to E-Bill.

Below are some of the key updates to the E-Bill page:

Previously, a positive balance on the Accounting pages were reflected as a negative balance.  With the new E-Bill landing page a sufficient balance on the E-Bill is a positive number. A negative balance is now reflected with a negative number.
For your financial records, you can now export funding details into a spreadsheet (.csv).
With the updates to the E-Bill page, it no longer supports versions of Internet Explorer 8 and lower.
For additional information to what has been updated on the FINRA E-Bill page, please go to

Please contact with any questions.


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